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Exams are soon!

My favourite song

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Yesturaday went to the cinema for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS

This part is going to be dedicated to my general attitude to the course and in particular to things like modules that we are studying during the course and how they are similar, what I have learned about myself and what difficulties I have faced.

Throughout the Business Foundation we are taught 10 subjects. These are Business studies 1, Business studies 2 ,Economics 1 ,Economics 2, FES 1, FES 2 , FES 3, Accounting, CIT and Business Maths. But looking closer it can be seen that some of them are not just similar but are sequences of the previous one. To such modules can be related Business studies and Economics. At the same time business is one of the most special subjects due to the fact that it can not be compared to any other subject (except medicine) as becoming successful in this sphere is impossible without practice. As for the FES, it has another specific. Although in these three subjects students are taught English, in each part they learn something different. For example FES 1 improves general skills whereas FES 2 prepares student for the test called IELTS, which is necessary for applying to university.

Since I never used to live alone, this was a new feeling for me. On the one hand I got freedom and almost no control while on the other hand it means that in most cases all the difficulties I face I have to solve on my own what I must confess complicates my life. Probably one of the most common problems for all students is disorganization. For example instead of using the time doing something useful you listen to music or watching films.

Talking about changes in me, of course I can not talk about it objectively but anyway I think it is worth doing. First of all I understood that it is impossible to live without aim because then you do not have motivation what leads you to degradation. Secondly I understood that without hard-working you will never reach the goal. Finally I realized that although Ukraine is not as developed as England, the country where you were born and where you live is the best place.

This assignment is going to be dedicated to CIT lessons in college. The main aspects that can be pointed out are purpose for studying this, things that I find difficult and the way lessons go.

Probably one the most important things is your goal for studying since our aims give us motivation. Without this all efforts will be useless. As for my motivation, I can easily connect high technologies with success as new gadgets more and more infiltrate in our life what means that without ability to use it the person will be more dependent on others what is unacceptable for the entrepreneur.

Hereinafter I would like to talk about are things that I found a little bit difficult. Honestly speaking I can not say that I faced any serious difficulties but the one that is worse mentioning is foreign language since if you are used to using the program in one language, changing it will not be comfortable for you.

The last but not least, is the way the lesson goes. Looking closer it can be said that atmosphere in classroom is quite hard-working while the curriculum comprises giving all necessary skills for making the most of using the computer.

Talking about English lessons in Foundation it is necessary to point out some main aspects such as differences between academic and general English, things that I find difficult in this subject and what I enjoy and dislike about the course.

First of all it is necessary to speak about distinctions in academic and general studies. As for me, the most tangible difference is the way students are taught as lessons, which prepare student in general English has absolutely different structure and tasks.

As for the difficulties, probably one of the most tangible is the difference in topics that are discussed and used for the tasks. It means that very often in tasks are discussed themes that we do not talk over during the everyday life and as a result I face a lack of vocabulary.

The last thing I would like to mention is what I enjoy and dislike. Although the course in general is quite nice, the way of putting marks is very often not understandable for me.